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Well, I have a name!

A Little About Yourself.
1. Birth Name: Jason
2. Preferred Name: Jay
3. Age: 21
4. Gender: Male
5. Place of Birth: New York... (Long Island)


6. Television Show: Right now CSI, and Heroes are the only shows I watch regularly. I do like Futurama and will catch any repeat if I remember. I'm also a Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends fan and a Batman fan.
7. Movie: The last movie I saw in theatres was Eragon, and I was thouroughly unimpressed. I love the classic Disney movies like Aladdin and Lion King. I just saw Stranger than Fiction and loved it. Other than that, no movies really jump out at me.
8. Band/Musical Artist Most of the stuff I listen to are TV theme songs. But my friend (the one who turned me on to Gargoylees) turned me on to Franz Ferdinand. I also like Jason Mraz, and have recently discovered 60's/70's rock (Cream, The Who, etc).
9. Animal: Wolves. Although, to be honest, I like all canines. Something about the loyalty and faithfulness, you know?
10. Food: Well I just recently became a vegetarian, so I'm trying a lot of new foods. Yams, i've discovered, are really good. I also love chocolate and steamed broccoli (although not together)
11. Beverage: I used to be REALLY addicted to Diet Coke, but i'm trying to cut back. I do love iced green tea though. Yum

Dislikes/Least Favorites
12. Actor: I can't stand Adam Sandler. I never found him funny and I just can't get his appeal.
13. Fruit: I never got pears. I tried one a while back and was disgusted. Seriously, how many people do you know that eat raw pear?
14. Season: Winter. I lived in New York for most of my life, then I moved down to Florida. I hate the summers down there, but it's really a toss up: bone crushing cold, or bone crushing heat...
15. Type of Cooking: I'm a microwave diner kind of guy myself, so I can't really say. Although I have almost no tolerance for spicy foods.
16. Book: I'm a pacifist, so I guess war books? Although, if I had the time, i'd probably read whatever was put in front of me.
17. Flavor: Again, spicy food. I just never got why people would want to burn their toungues.

This or That
18. Cat or dog? Dog, definately. A dog will be with you til the end, a cat just sees you as "Oh, you... hey. Feed me." While a dog sees you as "Oh, hi! How are you? How was your day? Wanna play? C'mon!" and so on.
19. European or Eastern? Either way, both places have their flaws and both have their perks. No one place is really better than the other.
20. Sun or moon? Moon. I like the day and all, but the moon just has it's own essence sometimes. Plus you can actually look at the moon and not, ya'know, die.
21. Sight or sound? Well, I wear glasses, so my sight sucks. As a result, my hearing's pretty good. So sound.
22. Gold or silver? Now, I'm Jewish by birth, so I can make this judgement.... GOLD
23. Bad or good? What's the difference? Bad is only bad when in comparison with good and good can only be defined as good based on the person. Wow, that was very circular logic...
24. Love or lust? Lust is temporary, Love lasts slightly longer. Besides, a one-night stand won't get you flowers.
25. Mind or matter? Mind. Although, mind and matter are again cosely tied. We control our own fates, to a degree. Thus, our minds make our matter.
26. Boxers or briefs? Boxer-briefs baby! ;-) Although, I will wear boxers on occasion.
27. Movie or book? Book. Sometimes, your own interpretation of the source material is best. With a movie, you're forced into one mindset for an hour an a half. Plus I'm a huge Harry Potter fan and have been, at large, disappointed by the movies.
28. Angel or demon? I'm no Biblical scholar (never read the thing), but aren't demons just fallen angels? Makes you think that we're all just one judgement away from the big fireplace below. But demons are cooler, none of those pesky morals. :)

Regarding “Gargoyles”
29. Who is your favorite character? Elaborate. I'm only up to Episode 7, so bear with me. They all have their perks. If I had to pick one, I'd say Brooklyn. He seems to have a heart and a brain on him, but isn't afraid to have fun. I honestly haven't seen enough to make a full judgement.
30. Who is your least favorite character? Why? I don't have one. I try to see the good in all people (no matter how hard they try and make it). Even the "villains" have their reasons. Demona, however poorly she may go about it, surely is justified in her beliefs.
31. If you had the choice, would you become a gargoyle? Bear in mind the discrimination and difficulties that would entail. We're all discriminated unless you're the white anglo-saxxon protestant heterosexual able-bodied wealthy male. I don't think I would. Whereas I love my alone time, I couldn't bare to be that cut off from society.
32. Be honest: If a gargoyle were to approach you, would you be frightened? I'd be running to the nearest store for a change of pants. Although, if they confronted me reasonably, I'd try and understand. I'd still be terrified though.
33. Is David Xanatos a bad man, or simply misunderstood? No one's really bad. Everyone has their reasons, and I'm sure Xanatos has his. It's probably not our business to know.

Personal Information
34. What is your greatest strength? Loyalty. I may not have many friends, but those I consider close, I will stand by them, period. My friend called me up cryin once and as soon as I could afford, I called her back and we were on the phone for well over an hour.
35. What is your greatest weakness? My seclusion. I really don't know how to deal with people sometimes. I tend to hole myself up in my room and get in funks until someone almost literally drags me out to socialize.
36. Do you have a mortal enemy? If yes, who, and for what reasons? There are people I don't like, and I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who don't like me. But any enemies I have are those who have hurt my friends or family.
37. Are you a nice person? I really hope so. I just discovered I'm actually kind of charming and sociable. From what I've found out, people seem to remember me and always positively.
38. Did you really read through the rules, or did you just glance in the comm to see what you had to put in the subject line? Of course I did. I wouldn't lie, would i? ;-)
39. This community is an open one, and we allow our members (once stamped) to post icons, banners, wallpapers, fanarts, etc. to the community to earn their character team points. How likely are you to participate in this? Kinda likely. I can't draw to save my life, but i'll try and comment and participate.

40. Finally, post at least one clear picture of yourself.

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I have grown my goatee back by now.

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