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We have no names

A Little About Yourself.
1. Birth Name: Stephanie
2. Preferred Name: Stephanie
3. Age: 26
4. Gender: Female
5. Place of Birth: Philadelphia, PA (but I was raised in Salt Lake City, UT)

6. Television Show: Besides Gargoyles? Doctor Who
7. Movie: ack, too many, um, Moulin Rouge or the eariler Baz Lhurman classic Strictly Ballroom
8. Band/Musical Artist: I'm very eclectic, it's currently a tossup between Loreena McKennitt and Within Temptation
9. Animal: Cat
10. Food: The Salmon bake my husband makes.
11. Beverage: Raspberry Lemonade

Dislikes/Least Favorites
12. Actor: Mike Myers, his brand of humor is just stupid.
13. Fruit: Banana or Mango
14. Season: Winter
15. Type of Cooking:
16. Book: That I've read all the way through? Pride and Prejudice, it bored me to tears.
17. Flavor: "cherry" cough medicine

This or That
18. Cat or dog? Cat, but I like dogs too.
19. European or Eastern? Eastern
20. Sun or moon? Moon
21. Sight or sound? Sound
22. Gold or silver? Silver
23. Bad or good? Good
24. Love or lust? Love
25. Mind or matter? Mind
26. Boxers or briefs? On me? or on a Guy? :p Boxers on a guy, briefs-type underwear on me.
27. Movie or book? Book
28. Angel or demon? Angel

Regarding “Gargoyles”
29. Who is your favorite character? Elaborate. My very favorite is Lexingon. He is the one I identify with the most: short, intellegent, very curious and knowledgeable. He's also the one that is different from the rest, in size, in wing construction, posture, etc, and I have spent most of my life feeling "different" even among a group of friends. Lex is generally calm and rational, the only times I've seen him mad, or violent, is in the defense of others that he cares about, if you threaten one of them, watch out!
30. Who is your least favorite character? Why? Hm. I've never really liked the other three Pack members, Fox and Dingo end up having good hearts, but poor judgement, but the other three are simply irredeemable, and annoy me.
31. If you had the choice, would you become a gargoyle? Bear in mind the discrimination and difficulties that would entail. I've lived most of my life not being a "part of the crowd" and really only hanging out with the people who are like me or who understand me. It would really depend on wether I would be leaving my husband behind. If he was going to become a gargoyle too, I'd definitely go for it, but if he would not be changing and our relationship would be like Elisa and Goliath's, I wouldn't be able to stand it.
32. Be honest: If a gargoyle were to approach you, would you be frightened? Probably at first, but my curiosity would overcome my fear enough that I would stick around to learn more about it, or from it.
33. Is David Xanatos a bad man, or simply misunderstood? Hm, it depends on what part of the series, but I don't think he's ever been a truly bad man, he's not like the Quarrymen whose only motivation is intolerance, hatred and fear. Xanatos' motivations are more complex and though generally very selfish, he is at least open to new ideas and ways of living. He becomes better as the series goes, and having a family definitely makes him less selfish.

Personal Information
34. What is your greatest strength? A keen mind, I tend to understand things quickly.
35. What is your greatest weakness? Self-motivation.
36. Do you have a mortal enemy? If yes, who, and for what reasons? No. People generally like me, or at least don't pay much attention to me, and I generally like people.
37. Are you a nice person? I usually am.
38. Did you really read through the rules, or did you just glance in the comm to see what you had to put in the subject line? I really did read them.
39. This community is an open one, and we allow our members (once stamped) to post icons, banners, wallpapers, fanarts, etc. to the community to earn their character team points. How likely are you to participate in this? Depends on how much time I have, I'm working full-time and going to school full-time, but I like doing stuff like that.

40. Finally, post at least one clear picture of yourself.

Look, it's me.
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