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We have no names...

A Little About Yourself.
1. Birth Name: Barbara Ann Siemens
2. Preferred Name:Barbara, Babs or Barbara Ann are all fine. Not Barb, that's reserved for my Grandmother.
3. Age: 20. I'll be 21 in 2 weeks.
4. Gender: Female
5. Place of Birth: Eugene, Oregon.

6. Television Show: Besides Gargoyles? I like plenty of them. My favorite is probably Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
7. Movie: Bambi. It's so beautiful, and I always adored it as a child.
8. Band/Musical Artist I have SO many. I like Neutral Milk Hotel, Ben Kweller, Tegan and Sarah, Wir Sind Helden, Weezer, the Raconteurs, and so many more.
9. Animal: Ducks. They are more than adorable, and pretty freaking awesome to watch.
10. Food: This changes all the time. I have a current obsession with Sag Panar
11. Beverage: Water, it's the foundation of life. It's so great when you're actually thirsty. Also, no calories.

Dislikes/Least Favorites
12. Actor: Nicholas Cage. There is just something about him and his acting that just erks me. Like seriously, I really really dislike him. The only exception is him in Raising Arizona
13. Fruit: This is a tough one. Bananas, probably. While I like them in fruit salads and things, I hate them by themselves. The texture is most of it.
14. Season: Summer. While summer nights are awesome and warm and feel great, I just can't handle the heat of the day.
15. Type of Cooking: I hate things that are deep fried. Gross, no thank you.
16. Book: Lots of people are going to hate me for this, but.... while I really like the ideas, the plots and the characters, I can't stand the J.K.s writing style. Any high school graduate could write as well as she could. So, I guess my answer is the Harry Potter series.
17. Flavor: Cherry. Gross, gross, gross.

This or That
18. Cat or dog? Cat. I like dogs, but not when they're rowdy. Gets on my nerves.
19. European or Eastern? WTF kind of question is that? Seriously? I guess my interests favor European more, but there are great things in the Eastern cultures.
20. Sun or moon? Moon. I guess I'm a creature of the night.
21. Sight or sound? Sound. So many things I would hate to not hear. Also, my mother is blind, and she's fully independent. I wouldn't be afraid of it.
22. Gold or silver? Silver. Classier, more beautiful.
23. Bad or good? Good, I suppose. Although I am intrigued by the bad.
24. Love or lust? Love... although lust has it's merits. ; )
25. Mind or matter? Mind.
26. Boxers or briefs? Boxers. I wear my boyfriends sometimes. Very comfy.
27. Movie or book? Dang, hard question. Books, I suppose.
28. Angel or demon? Demon. They have much more interesting lives.

Regarding “Gargoyles”
29. Who is your favorite character? Elaborate. Demona. I was always facinated by her as a kid. There was just something about her, especially as she was the foil of Goliath. She was the most complex and interesting character to me. I still love her. EDIT: My favorite good guy is Lexington. I really liked him too, as a kid, and totally want to get a tattoo of him.
30. Who is your least favorite character? Why? This one's a hard one. I don't like Angela. I don't know why, I just don't. She seems bland, and just stuck in there to so that there was a girl in the clan.
31. If you had the choice, would you become a gargoyle? Bear in mind the discrimination and difficulties that would entail. Oh gosh. My heart says YES YES, but my mind screams no. Yes, I would love to be a Gargoyle. I believe I would choose it.
32. Be honest: If a gargoyle were to approach you, would you be frightened? At first, totally. If they seemed kind, I'd like to think I'd get over it.
33. Is David Xanatos a bad man, or simply misunderstood? I was pondering this in my mind recently, as I have re-watch the first season this week. It seems to me as if he didn't mean to be bad at first, but he has anti-social tendencies that make him piss off everyone else around him.

Personal Information
34. What is your greatest strength? I'm stubborn and hardheaded. I am focused on the important things (although I procrastinate as much as possible) and get all of my work done.
35. What is your greatest weakness? I'm stubborn and hardheaded, so it's very hard to reason with me.
36. Do you have a mortal enemy? If yes, who, and for what reasons? Besides this one girl in marching band who is fucking annoying as all hell, I really don't think I have a mortal enemy. No one's wronged me enough (thankfully)
37. Are you a nice person? That's what the people say. I try to be a nice person as much as possible.
38. Did you really read through the rules, or did you just glance in the comm to see what you had to put in the subject line? Haha, to be honest, I didn't even think of that. No, I read the rules. I always do.
39. This community is an open one, and we allow our members (once stamped) to post icons, banners, wallpapers, fanarts, etc. to the community to earn their character team points. How likely are you to participate in this? I LOVE making icons. I'm totally obsessed with it. Actually, I'm applying with my icon journal (my personal journal is darthweez so that I can post Gargoyle icons that I made.

40. Finally, post at least one clear picture of yourself.

Pajamas are awesome
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