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Mod Post

Okay, I've gone through and done what I could. I apologize to anybody that's been waiting over a year (there were some of you on there from 06, and I really, really apologize for my lack of modding). Here's the results:

Stamped Members
zekiwolf was stamped as Puck!
swordman_hinote was stamped as Angela!
lostinyourlight was stamped as Bronx!
satunian was stamped as Angela!
10th_letter was stamped as Hudson!
polaris_86 was stamped as Princess Katherine!
yukinoomoni was stamped as Elisa Maza

Members in Needs of Stamps
ashurie needs more votes, and has for over a year now!
same goes for wirsindaurelie!
bluedemon62 also needs some help.

Stamped members will now, of course, be added to the userinfo.

Regarding posting of fanart, icons, etc.:
You're all still welcome to post it, however, from this point on, I'm not going to keep track of points towards certain teams. I may have already made a post saying this, but to be perfectly honest, I don't remember. So, continue to share your work, by all means. There just won't be a competition for it anymore. C:

Sorry again for those of you that have been waiting,
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