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We have no names...

A Little About Yourself.
1. Birth Name: Diana
2. Preferred Name: Diana. Or Sat (short for Satunian) if you like.
3. Age: 23
4. Gender: female
5. Place of Birth: New York City!

For most of these it's hard to pick a fave.
6. Television Show: There is no one favorite television show for me, though I am still fond of the animated shows I grew up with. From the 80s and 90s. And I also liked Frasier. And Futurama.
7. Movie: Can't pick just one so I'll list a few:
The Shining, Grease, 10 Things I Hate About You, V for Vendetta, Narnia, Kung Pow, Kill Bill... there are still a bunch more!
8. Band/Musical Artist None. For me it's not the musician(s) but the song itself.
The closest thing to a favorite band I have, because I tend to like a lot of their songs, is Ace of Base.
9. Animal: Giraffe. I'm also fond of the praying mantis, rhinceros and reptiles
10. Food: Most things Italian or Japanese. Can't go wrong with burgers either
11. Beverage: Snapple

Dislikes/Least Favorites
12. Actor: Ben Stiller and Will Ferell (sp?)
13. Fruit: canteloupe and mango
14. Season: Winter. I hate it, and I can't wait for it to end!
15. Type of Cooking: I'm not a fan of Indian cuisine
16. Book: To Kill a Mockingbird. I never got the hype over it. There are so many better books out there!
17. Flavor: peanut butter!! YECH!

This or That
18. Cat or dog? Hmm I love them both equally but right now, being practical, I'd go with a cat because I don't have the time to devote to a dog (walking them and whatnot)
19. European or Eastern? European!! I love Europe!
20. Sun or moon? the moon, for sure.
21. Sight or sound? ooo, tough one. Sight.
22. Gold or silver? silver
23. Bad or good? good, of course
24. Love or lust? Love, because when love is right, there should be a healthy amount of lust in there as well.
25. Mind or matter? depends.
26. Boxers or briefs? Boxers!
27. Movie or book? depends.
28. Angel or demon? neither. I choose people

Regarding “Gargoyles”
29. Who is your favorite character? Elaborate. Elisa because she's a good balance of all things essential to a good heroine. She's strong, physically and mentally, very capable, smart, cunning and brave, lovely of course, and compassionate.
Puck is also totally fun, and I have a good level of respect for Xanatos.
30. Who is your least favorite character? Why? Demona because she is too blinded by her own prejudices against humans. I understand she had a hard and lonely thousand years but not all humans are bad.
31. If you had the choice, would you become a gargoyle? Bear in mind the discrimination and difficulties that would entail. Permanently? Probably not. I think I would rather be a human ally to gargoyles. And I wouldn't be afraid to publically defend them either, but I don't think I'd be happy being one.
32. Be honest: If a gargoyle were to approach you, would you be frightened?
Frightened, yes, but I doubt I'd run away unless its behavior gave me good reason to!
33. Is David Xanatos a bad man, or simply misunderstood?
Neither. I think he's just a person. He doesn't feel obligated to live up to society's standards of what is morally good, he does look out for himself and himself alone and is rather inconsiderate of others, but I blame that on over-ambition. But I don't think he's bad. He's got warped sense of morals (if any) and he does bad things but I don't think he's a bad person. And I think once his son was born he got some priorities in order, and he DOES have a sense of gratitude, so I know he's not a bad person.

Personal Information
34. What is your greatest strength?
My mind and my heart. I can be a very loving and devoted person to people and things I care about, but I think I am also a logical person, and I think I'm usually pretty down to earth.
35. What is your greatest weakness?
That I'm incredibly indecisive, and get too emotionally attached to things sometimes.
36. Do you have a mortal enemy? If yes, who, and for what reasons?
A guy I used to date who we will call Ganador (he nicknamed himself "winner", how pretentious is that. He loves to manipulate, he lies and cheats and breaks people's hearts left and right, lays on guilt trips, tries to score with anything that moves... Okay that's who and why :)
37. Are you a nice person? I am, though I am also straight forward and honest, which might make me seem a little rough. I'm not the type to coddle and say "there, there" when I can say "okay, you got a problem, so why don't you do something to fix it?"
If, of course, it's un-fixable, I will join in any self pity session you may need
38. Did you really read through the rules, or did you just glance in the comm to see what you had to put in the subject line?
Yes I read them all!
39. This community is an open one, and we allow our members (once stamped) to post icons, banners, wallpapers, fanarts, etc. to the community to earn their character team points. How likely are you to participate in this?
Not very likely, other than actively admire other people's works. It's *possible* I might do fanart, but I'm much more likely to enjoy looking at others'.

40. Finally, post at least one clear picture of yourself.
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