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We have no names...

A Little About Yourself.
1. Birth Name: Jianna
2. Preferred Name: Uh...Jianna? I guess?
3. Age: 14
4. Gender: F
5. Place of Birth: Miami, Florida

6. Television Show: Mythbusters
7. Movie: Tank Girl!
8. Band/Musical Artist Nara (Chinese Artist)
9. Animal: Dog
10. Food: Anything, really, minus meat
11. Beverage: Sweetened Ice Tea

Dislikes/Least Favorites
12. Actor: Anybody on American Idol. That show is tragically bad.
13. Fruit: Avocado. D: (That is a fruit, right?)
14. Season: Spring.
15. Type of Cooking: Meat. D:
16. Book: Harry farking Potter.
17. Flavor: ...Meat? D: Never had any before, though, so let's just say spinach.

This or That
18. Cat or dog? Dog.
19. European or Eastern? European.
20. Sun or moon? Moon.
21. Sight or sound? Sound. *is partially blind*
22. Gold or silver? Silver.
23. Bad or good? Either one. Who pays more?
24. Love or lust? Neither; love is a chemical reaction.
25. Mind or matter? Mind.
26. Boxers or briefs? COMMANDO!
27. Movie or book? Book. Then movie.
28. Angel or demon? Demon. They have the better day job.

Regarding “Gargoyles”
29. Who is your favorite character? Elaborate. Demona; she felt betrayed, got her shiz together, and completely mind-farked everybody else. It's great, because she feels totally violated.
30. Who is your least favorite character? Why? Eliza's weird parter who shows up halfway through the series. He felt totally unneccasary. (sp)
31. If you had the choice, would you become a gargoyle? Bear in mind the discrimination and difficulties that would entail. Honestly? Yeah.
32. Be honest: If a gargoyle were to approach you, would you be frightened? At first, I'd probably pizz my pants and freak out, but after a few moments, I'd be cool.
33. Is David Xanatos a bad man, or simply misunderstood? Bad guy.

Personal Information
34. What is your greatest strength? Drama. I go to a school for performing arts; I was cast as Puck in the Midsummer Night's Dream play. Best show ever; I got to "fly".
35. What is your greatest weakness? Physical prolonged strength; I could do physical stuff for a while, but after that, I wear down quickly. I guess my endurance sucks?
36. Do you have a mortal enemy? If yes, who, and for what reasons? Yes; everybody. Because nobody likes the crazy drummer chick, and...friends have stabbed me in the back more than necessary.
37. Are you a nice person? Not really, no. But to my friends, yes.
38. Did you really read through the rules, or did you just glance in the comm to see what you had to put in the subject line? I actually read the rules; nice to know I'm trusted here. :/
39. This community is an open one, and we allow our members (once stamped) to post icons, banners, wallpapers, fanarts, etc. to the community to earn their character team points. How likely are you to participate in this? As soon as I find my sketch book, very likely.

40. Finally, post at least one clear picture of yourself.

Okay, this is the only picture I own of me, and it's in a costume for a performance I had, where I was playing the drums, so please don't laugh:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

They made me take off my glasses; sad times. ;__;

Good news about that? I won first place for best drumming performance! Woo!

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